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image hp in its celebration of this holiday session and the thanksgiving will give 50 bloggers a six thousands dollars valued package to share with their visitors. !!!

so what does this package include ?

According to hp magic giveaway site , windows connected , Jake Ludington’s and GearLive Blogs






an interesting package isn't it ?? :)

for the complete list of blogs see this link.

it is worth mentioning that each blog will define its rules to win the package ...some will choose randomly others will require you to register in their site ..etc. but the what I have noticed is that the common rule in many blogs is that you will have share your prize with others..windows connected blog says "impacting a number of peoples lives with the hardware will get you the best chance to win" also bleeping computer blog require that you share at least one computer with some one who is in need of it...

Another thing to know is that not all of the blogs will start in the same time..each blog will start on a certain date and choose a winner after a week..I found an excellent article in istartedsomething blog which lists all the blogs and their starting dates in a fancy Google calendar :)...

and yes this giveaway is global and not restricted to USA citizens..so go ahead and don't forget your friend :)

Good Luck For Every One...



  1. ahmed elsharkawi 045  

    ان مش فاهم حاجه ياعباس

  2. Anonymous  

    I'll be updating each contest with descriptions and deadlines daily at http://www.hpmagicgiveaway.info.

  3. LifeMaker  

    hey abbas, peace be upon you..
    calender downloaded and integrated with my google calender :D

    see ya isA

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