Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My First Google Chrome Extension

yesterday i have uploaded my first Google chrome extension to the official extension gallery that was opened for public few days ago.
say hello to Chrome MineSweeper :D

i know that some will say that mine sweeper is not some thing that you will use every day.. and i agree to some extent with but if you really understood this game you will find it really addicting .. i remember the first time i played it i finished the advanced board in 9 min !!!! but after some time my speed increased dramatically and i finished with this scores.

  • Small Board : 6 seconds
  • Medium Board : 41 seconds
  • Large Board :  135 seconds

which aren't a world class records :) but still makes me proud :D

any way ,
hope you like the extension ...
and please don't hesitate to leave your feedbacks and/or comments here.

back to blogging

i really have to apologize for that long time without even a single post but i was really busy in my study and exams.
i have a few posts coming soon about google wave and my first google chrome extension :D before returning to the final exams :(

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quine-mcCluskey Logic Simplifier

in our fundamentals of logic design course we were required to implement the Quine-mcCluskey tabular method as (a summer project) to simplify boolean function and i was able to implement it using python  so i decided to share it hope it could be useful to some one ...

here is an executabe version for windows..(made using py2exe project)

and here is the python source code files...

it is worth mentioning that the source files consists of : : which the main program is found and u could also execute it from the command line using arguments : which is a graphical user interface for the program using tkinter libs
  • able to solve Boolean function upto 26 variable (theoretically it can do more but this just a limit that i enforced to be able to represent the variables using A,B,C....Z Notations , of course u can  remove this limit)
  • displaying the prime and essential implicants ( by default the program displays the implicants on letters but u can also change this to display them in numbers )
  • perform petric brute force algorithm to get the best (lowest cost) solution
  • draw the Prime Implicant chart before finding the essential prime implicants and after finding them...
to do :
those are some ideas that may/may not be done...
  • adding column and row dominance simplifying techniques.
  • adding a documentation for and more comments to illustrate the algorithms used.
  • adding an interactive mode to solve the problems step by step.
  • adding a karno-map simulation.
  • improving the gui....
  • adding the project to source-forge ?...may be... :)
using gui mode

using the command line ( this picture is a part of the output not all of it)

finally... i will really appreciate any feedbacks , bug reports and/or opinions.
please send them to

or here in the comments...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shutdown after Update in ubuntu

last two weeks i was busy in my exams and ubuntu wanted to download alot of updates..that is normal but for people with low connection speed having alot of updates is not that i will have to leave the computer open for a long time and offcourse i will not be able to use the Internet as the update-manager draws all the i decided to leave it open and go some where but i found no option in ubuntu update manager to close the computer after finishing updates so i created this small python script that will shutdown the computer after finishing all the updates and here it is...

import time
import os
import getpass
password = getpass.getpass('please enter your password : ')
x = os.popen('ps -ef | grep "/usr/bin/gksu --desktop /usr/share/applications/update-manager.desktop"')
if s.find("grep") == -1 :
 print "updating manager is working..."

   x = os.popen('ps -ef | grep "/usr/bin/gksu --desktop /usr/share/applications/update-manager.desktop"')
   print "still working..."
   if s.find("grep") != -1 :
  os.popen("sudo -S shutdown -h 5", 'w').write(password)

Script usage is very simple :
just lunch the update manager and start the update process as usual then open a terminal and lunch the script (python "")
you will have then to write your password it is only used to call the shutdown command (i promise :D ) then you can go to sleep :D and the script will do the rest...
after finishing updates the script will give you 5 min to cancel the shutdown proccess if you have changed your mind...
hope you found this script useful

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Google Chrome Ad

While I was browsing my Google reader today I found this interesting news…

Google will start promoting their browser "chrome" through a TV ad !!!
Although I still consider Firefox my main browser for many reasons I really liked the ad idea so have a look and tell me your opinions...

Friday, March 13, 2009

get your hotmail emails in gmail

Hotmail finally after a very long time have enabled pop3 for free so you can get your emails in any mail client that support pop3 protocol..
However , i wanted to forward my emails to my Gmail account so here is how u can do it ( don't worry you don't have to know what is pop3 to follow this tutorial :D )
  • open settings >> account tab
  • select "add email account you own"
  • enter ur hotmail accout email address and click next step
  • fill the data in the form that will appear as following
user name : yor complete email address
password : your password
pop server :
port : 995

you have the option to leave a copy in hotmail account or delete is better to use ssl when retrieving mail as it is more secure...
gmail also enables you to create a label for the incoming mail and you can also achieve it..
click on add account and you are done :) .
gmail will also give u the option to send mail from your account , you can follow the instructions to do such thing...

after that you might found a new 300 emails in ur inbox ...dont panic !!! gmail have just download your whole hotmail can then delete or achieve this messages.

it is worth mentioning that the main drawback for using this way that u might not recieve your emails at the same instant they were sent to your hotmail inbox as Gmail checks new messages at different rates, depending on previous mail fetch attempts and you cant control this rates...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nexus FaceBook Friend Grapher

Have you ever wondered how your facebook friends are related to each other ???
while i was browsing the web i found nexus , an amazing application that answers this question by Generating a graph of your facebook friends so you can visualise how they are connected together and also get alot of information that could take you alot of time if you tried to get it manually....
any are few screenshots of nexus home page and my friends graph

the Home page

The friend graph in the light themethe friend graph in the Dark theme

note that each node in this graph represents a friend so you click any node to get alot of information about that friend.

5 years of kotbcorp

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