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yesterday i have uploaded my first Google chrome extension to the official extension gallery that was opened for public few days ago.
say hello to Chrome MineSweeper :D

i know that some will say that mine sweeper is not some thing that you will use every day.. and i agree to some extent with but if you really understood this game you will find it really addicting .. i remember the first time i played it i finished the advanced board in 9 min !!!! but after some time my speed increased dramatically and i finished with this scores.

  • Small Board : 6 seconds
  • Medium Board : 41 seconds
  • Large Board :  135 seconds

which aren't a world class records :) but still makes me proud :D

any way ,
hope you like the extension ...
and please don't hesitate to leave your feedbacks and/or comments here.



  1. Perry  

    If you'd like to contribute this in DonationCoder.com's NANY event, please read the Instructions and then make a Pledge in The Pledge Thread.

    I'd be very happy for you to contribute your Extension.

    There are even a number of volunteers that can assist with some other aspects of your Entry (readme's, icons, translations, etc).

    DonationCoder is a great place to hang out if you're into coding or software.

    Hope to see you there!!

  2. dominik4142  

    While sitting on computer I changed one thing: now you can also choose size of board and number of bombs. I don't know if i can paste it here so i would't:) If you would like to, get permission from author.

  3. Ahmed Kotb  

    the code is already ready for custom boards...
    i'am the author of the game , you can communicate with me using my email
    kotbcorp [At] gmail.com

    any way
    thanks for your consideration...
    and hope that you have liked the extension

  4. Lukapt  

    Congratulations for the game! I really like minesweeper.

    The game has a little bug. If you put flags in same number has existing bombs and then click in a non bombing square you will win, no matter if the flags are in the right position.

    For example, in the smallest board, if you put 8 flags in line 1, then 2 flags in line 2 and then click in a non bombing square you will automaticaly win. Valid for all boards.

    So, my buggy record is 2 seconds ;D

    But well done anyway!

    PS: Sorry for any english mistake :P

  5. minesweeper addict  

    I love the extension! Thank you =)

  6. Ahmed Kotb  

    thank you all for trying the extension ...
    i will fix all the bugs as soon as i finish my exams :)

    also if you are interested you can see the github page
    to report the issue or even commit a fix ...

    thank you again
    hope you enjoy i.t ..

  7. Adam  

    This is excellent. It's really amazing that you were able to do the whole thing in javascript. What tools do you use for developing in javascript? Just a text editor?

  8. Ahmed Kotb  

    really really thanks :)

    actually iam not an experienced web developer so i just used basic javascript and html...

    my tools were :
    gedit : text editor of ubuntu
    chrome: the browser :D
    git : for version control

    if you are interested in the code you can download the latest version from here :
    if you are facing problem downloading the code then please don't hesitate to ask in the comments...

    and again thanks for that comment

  9. meg  

    i have no idea if asking this here will work but... how do you make a flag? i'm using a mac, i've tried a few things and everything just clicks like normal.

  10. Ahmed Kotb  

    hi meg,
    actually i don't have a mac to test/develop the game on.

    i know that mac has only one button,
    i need two buttons for the game , one to open cells and the other to flag them...

    i don't know what will be the best solution for the mac users, if you have suggestions please tell me , and i will consider them.

    sorry again for such inconvenience...

  11. meg  

    hi ahmed, thanks for responding!
    the way it works on a mac is the "one button" acts as the equivalent for the left click on a pc mouse, and holding down the control key while hitting the button is the equivalent for right clicking on a pc. for instance, "control, click" on a link brings up options: "open link in new window, open link in new tab" like you would get for a right click.

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