Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Me , My Friends and a Hard Disk Drive :)

we ( me and 5 more friends )  had to prepare a presentation for our college about How Hard Disks work ,  the subject it self isn't that hard but the problem was in TeamWork , how can all of the team members cooperate  in the same project effectively without wasting time in non-useful arguments.

At the beginning we have faced a lot of problems but finally we managed to get over it by avoiding -as much as we can- to be like one of those people.

  • people who don't do any thing.
  • people who want to do every thing using their own method or style.
  • people who like to manage the team but they actually work less than they talk. :D
  • people who are used to be followers, waiting for orders to start doing something

however we managed to make something that is not bad for students in the first year.

you can Download the report from here and the presentation from here

by the way ... we also had a lot of fun :)

Me , My Friends And a Hard Disk Drive :D


Ahmed Abd El-hameed Hamdy said...

it is me ahmed in the photo.
really working with buddy like 3abas is beautiful. i hane fun working in with this group


Ahmed Kotb said...


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