Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My First Google Chrome Extension

yesterday i have uploaded my first Google chrome extension to the official extension gallery that was opened for public few days ago.
say hello to Chrome MineSweeper :D

i know that some will say that mine sweeper is not some thing that you will use every day.. and i agree to some extent with but if you really understood this game you will find it really addicting .. i remember the first time i played it i finished the advanced board in 9 min !!!! but after some time my speed increased dramatically and i finished with this scores.

  • Small Board : 6 seconds
  • Medium Board : 41 seconds
  • Large Board :  135 seconds

which aren't a world class records :) but still makes me proud :D

any way ,
hope you like the extension ...
and please don't hesitate to leave your feedbacks and/or comments here.

back to blogging

i really have to apologize for that long time without even a single post but i was really busy in my study and exams.
i have a few posts coming soon about google wave and my first google chrome extension :D before returning to the final exams :(

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