Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Muslim Prayer Time Reminder

Do you sit a lot in front of your Computer and forget about prayers ???
here is one solution for this problem : a program that sets in your desktop and reminds u before each Prayer.

For Windows users :
Ela Salaty (towards my prayer) is a great prayer time reminder as it offers many features but unfortunately it comes with arabic interface only.

installation :
-Download a free copy from "http://www.ela-salaty.com/"
-installation is easy just lunch the installer and follow the instructions


-Great and easy user interface. -Different ways to alert you to prayer time.
-Play athan with more than one voice.

-The possibility of printing times of prayer for the full month or Hijri calendar. -The ability to listen to radio stations via the Internet. -There are more features that you can find at the site or discover your self :)


the main drawback as stated before is the lack of english user interface so if u dont speak arabic there is another free program called athan basic that supports English and you can find it here http://www.islamicfinder.org/athanDownload.php
or http://www.download.com/Athan-Azan-Basic/3000-2135_4-10206122.html

it offers the same features as “ela salaty” Plus the English user interface.

For Ubuntu Linux Users :
there is a small simple application that u can download from the official Ubuntu repositories.
-click Application >> Add/Remove
-choose all open source application from the list in the top
-search for Minbar and install it

now u can open it from application >> accessories >> Minbar

-Very simple application.
-Relatively low memory usage approximately 10.5 MB.
-Determine Qibla Direction.
-play athan.

-it lacks a lot of features found in “ela salaty” and athan basic.
-it doest come with athan sound file so you will have to search for one.

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