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Two days ago this blog completed its 5th year  :).
So congratulations to my self and Thanks for the few followers that have been here for the past 5 years.

You can view site statistics here.

A lot happened in the last 5 years, good and bad stuff, hope the next 5 years are going to be better for me and for the readers.

Ahmed Kotb


Hi it's been a while since i have posted here (about 1 year) and i apologize for that,a lot happened in the last year that prevented me from keeping this blog updated.
Any way this post is about a project that i have been working on in my free time.
It's a signal flow graph solver made entirely in javascript. it might come handy in solving simple problems or for demonstration of signal flow graphs.
Here is a quick -not so fancy- video about the application

I have released the source code on github under the mit license,so check it if you are interested.
hope you might it useful.


The most thing that i miss once i log into windows is the compiz zoom using the winkey and the mouse wheel feature on linux , i tried to search for alternative but with no luck each time till i read an article recently on lifehacker which shows that the new built in magnifier in windows 7 has a mode to magnify the whole screen rather than certain part (aka docked mode) , that was great news except the shortcut keys are Winkey +/- and can't be changed !!.

After some searching i found a program called autohotkey that could serve me in solving this issue , any way if you aren't into technical details you can grab the compiled version and start using it immediately.
Otherwise , here is the complete source code of the script
; Created By :
;     Ahmed Kotb on 27/5/2011
; licensed under :
;     Creative commons Attribution 3.0
;     http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/
; version :
;     1.0

; A small script that enables you to zoom in/out using the winkey
; and mouse wheel instead of winkey +/- on windows7 magnifier program

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

;zoom in
#WheelUp::send #{sc4E}
;zoom out
#WheelDown::send #{sc4A}

You may need to alter the default zoom value instead of 100%  to a more usable amount , iam fine with 25%

Hope you find it useful.


Overflow ?! :D


One of my friends (Mohamed El Geweily) sent me this image yesterday , hope you like it

this is a 1440 x 900 version

and this is 720 x 450 version

you can tell your opinion here in comments or contact Mohamed directly on his mail


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